Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Is it your Birthday? Time for Birthday Cake!

In Green Hamster and the Quest for Fun, Pink Hamster loves to eat birthday cakes. A birthday cake is a pastry or dessert served to a person on his or her birthday. Birthday cakes often have many decorations and usually have the person’s name spelled out in icing or candy. Candles are also placed on the birthday cake. There are usually candles for every year the person has been alive and sometimes there is an additional candle for luck. The most popular flavor for birthday cakes is chocolate.
So where did the birthday cake originate?
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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Surf Party and Sushi Lunch

In Green Hamster and the Quest for Fun, Green Hamster searches for fun. He meets the penguins who are having a surf party and a sushi lunch. Ever wondered what sushi is? Sushi is made from fish (usually raw), rice and seaweed. It is then rolled into fun bite size shapes. Here are some interesting sushi facts:

Did you know sushi is a food custom originating in Japan?
Did you know that many centuries ago fish was placed in rice as a way of preserving the fish? Preserving is a big word that basically means extending or making the fish last longer.
Did you know that preserving fish in rice extended all the way to China?
Did you know that the Japanese started combining the rice with the fish instead of discarding the rice used to ferment the fish?

More facts about sushi to come soon.
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Friday, October 15, 2010

Green Hamster and the Quest for Fun is the first book in the Fujimini Adventure Series. In this book, Green Hamster journeys across the mystical island of Fujimini.

Green Hamster has other hamster friends…Orange Hamster, Yellow Hamster, Pink Hamster and the smartest of all hamsters, Brown Hamster. The hamsters of Fujimini Island are wonderful colors but did you know hamsters are color blind? Yikes! How does Green Hamster remember all his friends? Hamsters have great memories and they are able to remember friends and relatives by smell rather than looks. Thank goodness for Green Hamster.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

In Green Hamster and the Quest for Fun, Green Hamster journeys across Fujimini Island in search of fun because he is very BORED.

Did you know hamsters are rodents? Hamsters are rodents but they are much cuter and sweeter than rats. Hamsters are popular as family pets in many countries. One of the reasons hamsters are so adorable is their chubby cheeks, which are roomy enough to store and carry food. Hamsters also have pointy ears and short tails.

In Green Hamster and the Quest for Fun, Green Hamster does all of his traveling across the island during the day.

Did you know hamsters tuck in for the night? Hamsters wake up in the morning, become very active during the day and slow down when the stars come out at night. After a long day of walking, Green Hamster snuggles up for a peaceful and not BORING night of rest.