Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Surf Party and Sushi Lunch

In Green Hamster and the Quest for Fun, Green Hamster searches for fun. He meets the penguins who are having a surf party and a sushi lunch. Ever wondered what sushi is? Sushi is made from fish (usually raw), rice and seaweed. It is then rolled into fun bite size shapes. Here are some interesting sushi facts:

Did you know sushi is a food custom originating in Japan?
Did you know that many centuries ago fish was placed in rice as a way of preserving the fish? Preserving is a big word that basically means extending or making the fish last longer.
Did you know that preserving fish in rice extended all the way to China?
Did you know that the Japanese started combining the rice with the fish instead of discarding the rice used to ferment the fish?

More facts about sushi to come soon.
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