Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Kids, What's Your Favorite App?

Kids worldwide on smart phones, iPods and iPads.  Do your parents let you borrow their iPad?  OMG, or do you have your own?  That would be very cool.  Well, here are some fun games you can play on your iPad.

1  "Dora The Explorer: Coloring Adventures"   Take a break from Dora the Explorer on TV and sit down and color with the whole gang including Boots, Backpack and Swiper. Learn Spanish while you’re choosing scenes, adding characters to your setting and then touching colors to sections on the iPad to fill it in as you would on a coloring book. If you're addicted to all things Dora, you won’t want to miss out on this accessory either.
2  Super WhyFans of the hit PBS Kids TV show will love this app. Kids play by finding missing words and rhyming words and also by spelling words and tracing letters.

3 Fuji Scene   Children's game that has user select one of six backgrounds to create a customized scene. The scenes will contain characters which can be dragged and dropped into the creation. The animal characters are colored pandas, bunnies, penguins, hamsters, and other sea animals. The user can then add favorite foods and toys and props to the scene. All the items are Asian inspired. The user can than use dialogue boxes to give the characters some text. The creation can have a banner heading and be e-mail, sent to photos or sent to the ONCEKids site to be highlighted in a gallery. The user can restart at any point.

If you'd like to read more about Fuji Scene, click here

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