Monday, April 4, 2011

Japan Catastrophe: Saving your Furry Family

Most families have pets: dogs, cats, fish, hamsters, maybe more?  As soon as your family adopts the pet, they become a part of your family.  As a kid, your job is to love and take care of your family's pets. Play with them, walk them, feed them, clean up after them.  But what happens when there's an emergency?  What happens when your furry (or gilled) family member goes missing during a catastrophe?  Here's the rescue story of one.  Video is below.

When the Japanese Tsunami and earthquake occurred, millions of homes were destroyed.  Families were pulled apart and family went missing.  This week, amazingly, a Japanese family's pet dog was found.  He somehow stayed alive on a floating pile of rubble with a roof on top for three weeks before the Japanese Coast Guard rescued him.  Floating in the ocean off the coast of Japan, the dog was surrounded by salt water -- which like humans in the same situation, if he drank it, it would only hurt him -- luckily there was so much drinkable rain water caused by the storm, that the pup was able to stay hydrated and survive long enough to be found and rescued.

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