Monday, December 5, 2011

Lim Yoon-taek of Superstar K inspires Us [VIDEO]

Superstar K, the South Korean equivalent of "American Idol", is now in its third season and it is battling for much more than just the best singer. 

Lim Yoon-taek, the 32-year-old leader of the group Ulala Session, stunned judges and viewers with his response to the question of why his hair was so short. He revealed that he was fighting stage four stomach cancer

His stomach and duodenum had been removed in June. His struggles, as well as his determination, have captured the sympathy and admiration of the nation, where celebrities typically conceal their illnesses.

Since July, Lim has lost fifteen pounds, as well as his eyebrows and hair. He was unable to attend a rehearsal for a show a few weeks ago. Despite these set backs, Lim is more determined than ever. "Western Sky", a song from a film starring an actress who later died of stomach cancer, became the most downloaded song on Naver, the Korean equivalent of Google, after the group had chosen it for their song to perform for one of the shows. The first place prize is 500 million won, ($450,000), and the group has said if they win they will use some of the money to record an album but the rest will go to pay Lim's medical costs. 

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