Tuesday, March 25, 2014

What's New in the World of Kpop

Korean pop music is an explosively popular genre of pop music with fans all of the world and Youtube videos that rack up millions of views. And with extreme popularity comes rapid change and many rising stars. Its hard to keep up with all the craziness of the Kpop world but every once in a while I like to check in with some of my favorite artists, and check out some new ones, just to see what’s new in all that is Korean pop music. And with this awesome genre there is never a dull moment. 

For example, popular and successful producer Crush announced that he will be making his own debut with his first single. The producer has helped many artists rise to fame throughout his career, but on April 2nd it’s his turn to test himself as not a producer but an artist himself. His talent has already been recognized through several successful collaborations with artists such as Gary and LOCO, but this will be his very first try at a solo career. So good luck to him and based off of what I have heard, I have no doubts that he will make it as a musician. 

Speaking of collaborations, Chunji from TEEN TOP will be teaming up with the all-girl group TINT for their next track “Wolves Don’t Know”. The song describes the challenges some girls face when dealing with a guy that they feel doesn’t understand their perspective or where they are coming from, using the concept of Little Red Riding Hood as a central theme. To complete the masterpiece and act as the guy’s perspective, they sought out the talent of Chunji. He expresses his excitement about the project saying, “I am joyful to be able to participate in TINT’s new song and I hope the song receives a lot of love.” 

The day that fans have long awaited is here! After four years of waiting, singer Jo Sung Mo is finally making his comeback with the release of a brand new album, appropriately titled, “Wind of Change”. The album is amazing right from the first track, which remembers back to one’s first love. Creatively titled, “Una Ya”, the song can have multiple meanings. It could be referring to a woman’s name or, if directly translated in Korean, it could mean “you are me.” The upbeat and beautiful album presents the perfect comeback, so I encourage you to take a listen to this talented artist’s work!

Click below to listen to a sample of the girls' group TINT with their track titled "Love at First Sight"

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