Friday, July 18, 2014

The Annual "Hand Made in Japan" Festival Houses Japan’s Finest Artists Under One Roof

Starting tomorrow and going until the 20th of July is the “Hand Made in Japan” Festival. The huge festival celebrates Japan’s most beautiful arts as well as the artists behind them. Taking place in Tokyo Bay, the annual festival introduces over 3,000 of Japan’s finest artists.

Attendees are given the chance to not only look at, but purchase, a wide variety of arts and crafts, as well as attend demonstrations and participate in workshops. Once visitors have explored the seemingly endless selection of already made crafts, they can test out their own inner-artists at any of the 20 themed workshops provided in the Tokyo Big Sight Atrium. 

After trying out one (or all) of the workshops, attendees can continue through the halls of artwork towards the West Exhibition Hall. This area of the festival houses around 2,200 booths all offering original works ranging from fashion accessories to household decorations. Finish out the amazing day by attending one of the live concerts or a paining session. And would any Asian festival be complete without food? Absolutely not! A wide array of food and beverages from different regions of Japan are also provided while visitors explore the halls. 

One of the special elements about Japanese art is the rich history behind it. With almost all ancient Japanese art, there is a story that comes with it. Those stories are woven through the Japanese people and their culture- thus making their art feel more personal. And what better way to display hand-crafted ornaments with a history than through a large festival where thousands of eyes can appreciate it. Often it is festivals like these that keep culture alive as time goes on. 

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