Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Why Pink Hamster and the Big Birthday Surprise is the Perfect Book For Every Little Girl’s Birthday

Every little girl dreams about waking up on her birthday and feeling like a princess. Birthdays are very special to children because it is a time where they feel like the center of attention and able to do whatever they choose to for that day. 

For Pink Hamster of Fujimini Island, her birthday is no different. Just like every other little girl, Pink Hamster has been counting down the days till her special day and can’t wait to celebrate. When the morning finally arrives, she wakes up filled with excitement and ready for the festivities to begin. Pink Hamster’s obsession with birthday cake is also something many little girls can relate to! 

This book is perfect for all little girls for their birthday this summer, because it is something they can enjoy and relate to. In addition to a fun book about birthday celebrations, Pink Hamster and the Big Birthday Surprise also comes with some unexpected lessons about patience and not making assumptions. 

A summary about the book:

The fourth installation in Eileen Wacker’s Fujimini Island Adventure Series, stars the adorable and peppy Pink Hamster who is beside herself with excitement when she wakes up ready to celebrate her birthday. Her absolute favorite part about her birthday is the cake- so much so that she has been dreaming about it all night. As soon as Pink Hamster wakes up she races to find all her Fujimini Island friends to start her big day. Thoughts of singing, parties, dancing, presents, and of course cake fill her mind. When she finally stumbles upon her hamster friends, she realizes that no one seems to have even remembered her birthday, even her best friend Green Hamster. Is this going to turn out to be the worst birthday ever or do her friends have a little something up their sleeve?

The book is available in print or as an ebook!

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