Saturday, January 7, 2012

K-Pop Celebrates Year of the Dragon

K-Pop's G-Dragon

Despite the ball already being dropped, celebrations for 2012 have just gotten started.  Especially because 2012 welcomes the Year of the Dragon. Baby booms and good fortune is predicted for all. The Year of the Dragon is a year many hold above other years. In Asia dragons are mostly considered lucky despite being wild and unpredictable creatures. In Japan, seahorses are even seen as baby dragons. According to legend those born in a Year of the Dragon tend to live by their own rules and are generally successful. 

This has seemingly been proven by several stars born during a Year of the Dragon, including musical artists G-Dragon and Park Gyuri, whose struggles in 2011 did not prevent  them from coming out on top. It has been predicted that 2012 will be a big year for K-Pop,  especially for the artists born during a Year of the Dragon. Here are some links worth checking out with the latest news of G Dragon (or GD)

Read more about G Dragon and "Goddess" Park Gyuri 

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