Friday, April 20, 2012

K-Pop Targets America

SNSD's YoonA
K-pop has enjoyed huge success throughout Asia, its popularity and influence increasing each day. The enormous success in K-pop artists' expansion into the Japanese pop music scene has encouraged agencies SM, JYP, and YG to begin to look more aggressively at the American market.

It has been difficult to crack into the American market but the agencies and stars are not letting the failed attempts of the past discourage them as they prepare to try again this year. 

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SM spoke of the success that Girls' Generation has enjoyed in their transfer to the American Market. The group recently met with multiple press in America such as E and Associated Press. The girls will also appear on "Late Show with David Letterman" and "LIVE! With Kelly." The Heatseekers Album chart on Billboard ranked their album 22nd out of 25.

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The five-member group, Wonder Girls, has been JYP's focus for its transition into the American Market, but their ability to succeed is still being questioned. On several talk shows the girls have confessed they are finding learning English a challenge. Despite difficulties, the group is not giving up. The girls' made-for-TV movie, "The Wonder Girls," aired on Teen Nick in February

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