Friday, May 31, 2013

New in K-Pop: Yesung Updates His Fans and Psy Brings Down the House In Italy With His New Hit, "Gentleman"

Kim Jong-woon, better know by his stage name Yesung, has recently posted on his Twitter page updating eager fans on his wellbeing while he's away. The member of K-pop boy band Super Junior, enlisted in the military and  left for basic training May 6th. 

The 28-year-old artist will remain there for the 4-week training period and then go on to carry out the full 23 months as a public service officer. 

Yesung has been greatly missed by his fans, and knowing this, he released a statement via Twitter assuring them he is doing well and watching over them.

In addition, he posted two pictures, each with a similar pose- but in one he has his normal pre-training haircut and in the next he is sporting a shaved head! 

Once again, Psy captivated the crowd with his unique beats and ridiculous dance moves, but this time not to our beloved "Gangnam Style" but to a new song.

Appeared on 'The Voice Italy', Psy brought his signature moves and clothing style to the Italian's attention- who welcomed him with open arms, despite a recent, not so positive response during a soccer match in Italy. 

He concluded the final episode to the popular show by performing his new track "Gentleman". To say the judges and crowd enjoyed the performance would be an understatement.

After only a few minutes, Psy had transformed the room into what could only be called a party, with the entire crowd up on their feet and dancing along. There can be no doubts that this artist definitely knows how to party!

Click below to watch Psy's performance of "Gentleman" on 'The Voice Italy"!

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