Monday, June 3, 2013

The Last Victim of the Boston Marathon Explosion is Released From Hospital

As of today, the last victim of the Boston Marathon Explosion has been released from the hospital. 29-year-old school teacher, Erika Brannock, attended the marathon, along with her sister and brother-in-law, to cheer on her mother, Carol Downing. As Brannock waited near the finish line to congratulate her mother, they were hit with the explosion that injured 264 people

She tells reporters that she remembers the entire terrifying event, describing how her sister pushed her forward just before everything went silent. After she came to, she could hear the screams of her sister, who was reported in critical condition. 

As a result of Brannock's extensive injuries, she lost her a large portion of her lower left leg. Doctors kept her in the hospital for a longer period of time in an attempt to save her right leg, so it would not have the same fate as her left. 

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Luckily, their decision to keep her longer proved to be the right one and doctors were able to salvage her right leg. Finally, after nearly two months, she was released from the hospital this afternoon and able to return to family and friends, who eagerly awaited her arrival

When speaking to reporters, Brannock tells them, "there are going to be a lot of adjustments. I am going to have to learn to walk again. I am going to have to learn to change a lot of things in my life and be more patient with myself."

Brannock's courage, strength, and determination is truly inspiring. Even when faced with a terrible tragedy, she is able to find hope and persevere. Along, with her family and friends, doctors and staff of the hospital also provided incredible support for Brannock, as well as the public. A fund has even been created in order to help pay for her medical bills

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