Sunday, April 27, 2014

Japan's Golden Week Welcomes their Second Holiday Known as Constitution Memorial Day

Next in line for Japan’s Annual Golden Week, a string of public holidays that takes place every April-May, is Constitution Memorial Day. Following the week’s opening holiday, Showa Day, Constitution Memorial Day takes place every May 3rd. 

Being one of the newer holidays, May 3rd was dubbed as Constitution Memorial day beginning in 1947, when the current Japanese constitution came into effect. Using the American and British constitutions as models, this constitution renounces war and declares that there are certain fundamental rights we have as human beings. It continues to declare the Emperor as the “symbol of the state and unity of the people.” 

As Showa Day was created to encourage reflection and honor of the Showa Emperor, this holiday asks the nation to reflect on democracy and the Japanese government. 

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The anniversary of the creation of the current constitution is celebrated each year through events, ceremonies and lectures. Thousands of people attend lectures to learn about the crucial role the constitution has played within their nation’s progress over the last 50 years. 

But what truly makes this day special is the opening of the National Diet Building. It is the only day of the entire year that this building is open to the public. Join the thousands of families that flock to the building to roam the normally-off-limits halls and take pictures out front.

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