Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Best Food Festivals in Asia

Anyone who has spent time in Asia knows that one of the greatest, most memorable parts of Asia is the food. Often times the excellence of Asian food is lost in the varieties served in Western countries. If you are a person who loves gourmet and Asian food, the food festivals and expos throughout Asia are where you want to be this summer. Not only will you get to enjoy the taste of exceptionally made foods, you will also be able to watch expert chefs teach modern as well as traditional techniques and experience the rich tradition of another culture. 

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The Seoul Food Festival in August provides a sneak peek at what Asian royalty throughout history ate for their meals. 5,000 year old recipes are cooked up along the streets of Seoul, allowing you to sample the royal favorites in addition to the modern Korean food favorites. Events, such as cooking demonstrations and free tastings, are offered throughout the city during this festival. During the night, head to the sky lounge on the 18th floor of the Artnouveau City Seoul, to enjoy the fine selection of wines and liquors before heading downtown to one of Seoul's popular nightclubs. 

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Although it is often associated with places like Germany or Australia, China very much enjoys beer as well. Witness this passion for yourself at the Qingdao International Beer Festival from August 14-29. Breweries from all over the world, including Heineken and Bittberger, show up to give everyone a taste of their product. Delicious food and karaoke are provided in addition to the bubbly drink, making it a great time for participants as well as the Breweries.

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