Thursday, January 3, 2013

China's "Lost In Thailand" Beats out "Titanic" [VIDEO]

The 1997 film, Titanic, directed by James Cameron, was nominated for fourteen Academy Awards, winning eleven of them, and earned a total of $2.18 billion -- making it the first film in history to surpass the billlion-dollar mark. $200 million was the budget set for the film, making it it the most expensive film ever made during its time. After the release of the film in 3D, more records were set but now China has done one better

A domestically produced comedy has become the highest-grossing Chinese film to date, grossing more than $160 million since December 12. The Xinhua News Agency says that this makes it the most popular film in Chinese theaters for 2012, including the Titanic 3D. 

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Due to the popularity of the film, titled Lost in Thailand, you would expect that tons of money went into its production but it's actually just the opposite. The best -- and most surprising -- part about the record-setting production was that it was a low-budget film. 

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Lost in Thailand is a film threaded with both humor and action, which tells the story of two businessmen who go on a search throughout Thailand to find their boss, eventually linking up with another tourist looking for adventure. 

Watch the trailer here:

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