Friday, March 29, 2013

Rice to Feed the World (Part two of two)

Rice has been feeding countless people for thousands of years but its growing potential was truly recognized this year when Sumant Kumar broke the world record for growing 22.4 tons of rice on just one hectare of land. 

This dedicated Indian farmer has been growing rice for many years, but until recently, his efforts have remained relatively unknown. For him, and many other rice growers, a typically yearly harvest would consist of four or five tons per hectare. But an unusual amount of rain in his village of Darveshpura was responsible for the sudden spike in rice production. He recalls that the stalks he cut on his paddy, located near the bank of the Sakri river, seemed to be significantly heavier than usual as he was harvesting them. 

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When he went to weigh his crop on the village scales, even he was shocked at the result. The result was not eight tons or even fifteen, but a jaw-dropping 22.4 tons of rice. This number allowed Kumar to take the prize for the world record of tons of rice per hectare of land, using only manure free from herbicides to do it. 

This is such big news for us because we whole heartedly believe in the importance rice can have in not only different customs and traditions, but also of helping to feed our growing population of seven billion, half of which uses rice as their staple food

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