Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Thailand Celebrates Each Full Moon With Their Full Moon Party

If you ever have the pleasure of visiting Thailand, make sure to attend one of their famous Full Moon Parties during your stay. 

Each full moon Haad Rin Beach, off the East coast of Thailand, has what the islanders call a Full Moon Party. With these parties you can be sure to expect lots of dancing, food, body paint and glow sticks, and of course- lots of people. Up to 30,000 people are in attendance for each Full Moon Party, so it can get pretty wild. As many as 15 different sound systems are set up across the beach, playing every different type of genre you can imagine. So no matter what type of music you're interested in, there will be something for you!

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If  huge crowds and  music isn't your scene, you can still attend a Full Moon Party and have a great time- instead of heading to the beach, check out the bar scene. Haad Rin Beach has some fantastic bars, including the renowned Green Mango Bar. The most popular bars include the Drop-In Bar and the Cactus Bar, which are known for their fabulous drink promotions and fire shows. If you want to grab a bit to eat before you start tipping drinks back, The Floating Bar serves fresh caught crab and oyster, while the Outback Bar offers a relaxed atmosphere and a delicious selection of Thai, Australian, European, and American foods.

The next Full Moon Party is scheduled for July 22nd and then again on August 21st so if you're in the area, or looking for a unique cultural experience, be sure to mark those dates on your calendar! 

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