Wednesday, November 13, 2013

10 Festivals In Asia That Will Change Your Life (Part One of Two)

Various countries across Asia are known for their delicious food, breath taking architecture, and innovative tecnhnology- but many people aren't aware of another special feature these countries have to offer. 

They are also home to hundreds of festivals and parades each year, ranging from spiritual and ritualistic festivals to food and music festivals. People travel from all over the world to take part in these fun and exciting events and to witness Asian culture at its most pure.

Every festival has something unique to bring to the table, but there are 10 of them that have something you absolutely cannot miss. So whether you are a college student in your early twenties or in your mid fifties, the following festivals should be on everyone's bucket list. 

1. Naadam Festival
This first festival is for the sports lovers! A spectacle sometimes referred to as "Mongolia's Olympics", covers all the bases of the nation's sports, including horseback riding, archery, and wrestling. This festival, which takes place over the summer, is purely for entertainment and purposed to represent the joy of the harvest. 

2. Full Moon Party
If this event keeps popping up- it must be something I need to add to my to-do list! Like I wrote about in one of my previous articles, the full moon party is a monthly event in Thailand where thousands of people from all different corners of the world gather to party, drink, eat, and dance to music under the full moon. And according to STA Travel, it is an experience that everyone at some point needs to have. 

3. Lantern Festival
Ah, another one of our favorites! Lanterns are a decoration seen used in many Asian celebrations, due to their beauty and cultural significance. But imagine the beauty of dozens of lanterns in the sky and replace it with thousands of lanterns and you have a slight idea of how incredible China's yearly Lantern Festival is. On the night of February 13, head to Taiwan, or even Shanghai and Hangzhou, to witness one of the spectacular finale to the Chinese New Year celebration. 

4. Mud Festival 
If you aren't afraid to get pretty dirty, the mud festival is the perfect way to let loose and have some child-like fun during your time in Asia! If you're thinking to yourself mud wrestling isn't really your thing so you probably wouldn't like it- stop right there! In addition to mud wrestling, there are also countless activities for those looking to have a relaxing time, including a giant mud tub and a mud massage zone. The Boryeong mud of South Korea is known for it's healing properties and benefits, contributing to why it is the festival with
the highest international attendance. For those looking to get the full experience, join in events such as  mud sliding, mud swimming, and a mud marine course for the adventurous. Wow, that's a lot of mud! 

5. Ice Festival
Despite it's freezing temperatures, winter is considered one of the best times to visit Harbin- and trust me, being a little chilly would be well worth it to be a part of the annual Ice Festival. This winter event is thought of as one of the most exciting and romantic destinations on earth, where you can see and do things that unique to that area
of China. Stay in a super cool ice hotel, tour the safari-style Siberian tiger park, go dog sledding, drink in the ice bars of Snow World, or stick with the traditional- skating, skiing, or riding a snow mobile. And don't forget the best events of the season- the Ice Lantern show and Snow Sculpture Art Expo, where you get to witness the creating and displaying of some of the world's most jaw dropping ice and snow sculptures. The annual festival begins after Christmas and lasts until the beginning of February, so be sure to start planning your trip! 

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Keep an eye out for the next 5 Asian Festivals that will change your life in the part two segment!

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