Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Holiday Fun at Fujimini Island

All the fun is around the corner. The holidays are here at last. One of the best parts about the holidays is lots and lots of tummy pleasing food. Cookies are a great treat and probably the best part of the cookie is the frosting. Not old enough to bake? Don’t worry. Here is a great way to indulge in frosting heaven with minimal preparation but lots of creativity.

Gather together at least three frosting colors. Use the frosting in the tubes to make decorating easy. Get some graham crackers and start drawing in frosting. Any holiday wish or symbol is perfect for your graham cracker cookies. You can even individualize each graham cracker by writing a person’s name on it. Don’t forget about sprinkles or sugar crystals. A light dusting makes your cookies glow like the wings of angels. Place the finished graham crackers on a fancy plate and serve them up with hot cocoa or warm apple cider.

For more fun, check out Fujimini Island!
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