Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Lesson Plan for Your Children or Students

The Fujimini Island Adventure Series provides fun, vibrant, Asian inspired stories for kids in pre-school up second grade.

Here is a lesson plan idea for teachers or parents for grades K-1. This lesson plan focuses on character.

Supplies: The book Red Penguin and the Missing Sushi by Eileen Wacker (order here), art supplies, character map

Objective: Learn about character traits

  1. Read Red Penguin and the Missing Sushi to your child or students.
  2. Discuss character traits with your child or students. Character traits are unique attributes of a person. When we describe a person or thing we usually describe its attributes. 
  3. Tell your child or student that “character traits is not what a person looks like but acts like, character traits describe what is inside”. 
  4. Here is a list of words that describe character traits - some of these words are too sophisticated for K-1 but many are understandable and some are perfect challenge words for kids.
  5. Draw on a piece of paper or chalk board a character map. 
  6. Place Red Penguin in the middle of the map. 
  7. Draw extensions and write various traits that Red Penguin has on the extensions. 
  8. Do this activity with your child or students.
  9. Have your child or students do an art piece – a character picture - featuring Red Penguin. 
  10. Encourage your child to incorporate Red Penguin’s traits in the art piece.
To learn more about Fujimini Island and the other books in the Fujimini Adventure Series, click here

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