Monday, May 21, 2012

Korean Times Survey: More than Half Daters don't meet Parents; Men want there Mommies

Oh, the dating world. We all wish there was a specific science to it, but as we all know there isn’t. Still our human instinct encourages us to analyze dating and break it down to some kind of mathematical fact.

The Korean Times just completed a study on the type of partners men and women like/dislike, and if those partners would be introduced to each other’s parents.
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Survey says: 43.8 percent of men will introduce their partner while 41.6 percent said they'd rather wait until it accidently happens. Some 66.1 percent of unmarried men have a good feeling toward women who look like their mother. Well ladies looks like if you want that invitation to Sunday dinner, the determining factor is that you have to look like mom. So if you are feeling insecure about your relationship throw on curlers and an unattractive nightgown and hope for the best.
Half of female interviewees said they would introduce their lover only if they happen to run into each other - in other words, she's not bringing you home. Another 26 percent said they would not introduce you as someone special and may even try to get away without speaking. The final 23.8 percent said they would formally introduce their partner to parents. The bottom line for you men is you will meet your special girl's parents by total accident ex: grocery store or restaurant.  Historically, parents played a major role in determining the mate of their children. Not quite arranged marriages, but close. So many young people hesitated to bring their boyfriend or girlfriend home because of the heavy scrutiny and inevitable involvement of the parents which could take the fun out of many relationships.

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There is hope out there for most of us though. To the ones that are shaky about that first introduction, survey says overall: "parents have become more open minded about their child’s dating". And men, just to clarify I am sure your mom is a wonderful lady but do you really need two moms? I guess this is an entirely different issue.

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