Thursday, May 17, 2012

Super Cool Bra: Japan's Newest Innovation

Models from underwear maker Triumph International Japan show off the Super Cool Bra at the firm's headquarters in Tokyo on Wednesday. The cups of the bra, emblazoned with images of fish tanks, are filled with a gel that remains soft and supple even when frozen and keeps the body cool after being left in a freezer for a few hours.

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I am an avid lover of the ocean, being close to the water makes me feel more human. I never thought it was possible to trap this feeling in my underwear, but once again Japan has found a way to make the impossible possible. I mean, not only will this “Super Cool Bra” leave you feeling refreshed all day but I am sure it will add a cup size or two and maybe in the future a little push up? Who knows Japan is so innovative that the next show at the Triumph International Japan will feature the new bra line “Super Cool Live Fish Bra”, very convenient if you like your sushi fresh. 

Written by Desiree Borja, ONCEKids Staff Writer

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