Thursday, May 10, 2012

J_Dimps: the 80 year old Social Media Hit

After the death of her husband several years ago, Josephine Lamberti felt bored and like she needed more to her life. So the 80 year old grandmother turned to her grandson, Donny Brandefine, for advice. 

Her 24-year-old grandson had a talent for making videos that often became web hits, such as "The Facebook Workout", so Josephine asked him to teach her how to use the internet. He gave her the nickname Josie Dimples, J-Dimps for short, because of her smile and began making videos of her, advertising her as a wisecracking grandma with some serious dance moves

Josephine is certainly no average 80-year-old. Despite her walker and cane, she is full of life and energy, constantly cracking up her family and friends with her jokes and rants. For her videos, she chooses to wear a white headband saying "J-Dimps" and a t-shirt featuring the phrase "everyone loves a player." Due to her energy and Donny's technical skill, the videos did not take long to find popularity. 

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Then, a year ago, Josephine became an even bigger sensation when she started using twitter under the name @J_Dimps. She has acquired over 74,000 followers and the numbers are increasing each day. Josephine has said her goal is to get 80,000 followers on Twitter before she dies

Her interests are listed as dancing and cooking meatballs and many of her tweets are ended with the hashtag #oldladyswag. She has been tweeted about by celebrities such as Missy Elliott and Justin Bieber, giving her encouraging words or retweeting pictures of her, such as one posted of her praying on one knee like the football player Tim Tebow. Her goal seems inevitable at this point, with celebrities such as @J_Dimps beginning to follow her twitter and other celebrities, such as former baseball player Jose Canseco tweeting "Follow Josie Dimples she is 80 years old and her only wish is to have 80k followers before she passes away let's help her out please." 

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Examples of J-Dimps tweets include "#Sometimes I wonder if I'm the only 80yr old that looks in the mirror and smiles." and "#ThankGod for these wrinkles and fake teeth…because guess what? Life is too short! SMILE ya bums!"

Help J-Dimps reach her goal of 80,000 followers! Follow her @J_Dimps on Twitter!

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