Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Harajuku fashion outlets Inspire Teens

Written by ONCEKids contributor Aidan Metzger

Designers such as T. Kunitomo and Pas de Calais have opened Harajuku fashion outlets in places such as London and New York, but despite it's increasing popularity, Harajuku fashion is no where near as popular as its fashion epicenter, Tokyo, Japan. 

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Harajuku fashion describes a certain style of dress. It is not one distinct, defined style, but rather a broad range of distinct styles inspired by rock, punk, and gothic music. Harajuku, the place of the style's origin, is the best place to see the true nature of the fashion. Teens from all over the world gather in the fashion center to show off their costumes, which can try and mimic anything from rock musicians to an anime character. Often unusual hairstyles and colors go along with the unique fashion. 

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Harajuku fashion is used by youth as a form of experimentation to utilize their creativity. The craze represents personal freedom of expression and changes as frequently as the teens themselves. Harajuku fashion is distinctive in the way that the designers do not lead the fashion, but rather the overall look directs the designers. 

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