Monday, January 20, 2014

What the Arrival of the Year of the Horse Means For You

The Chinese New Year, beginning January 31st, is one of the most popular and exciting holidays on the Chinese calendar. So what makes it so exciting? Well, besides the festive parties and 15-day-long celebration, what makes the Chinese New Year so exciting and unique is its involvement and correspondence with zodiac signs and animals. Each year welcomes not just a new beginning, but also a new Zodiac animal. And with the arrival of 2014 also comes the arrival of the Year of the Horse. 

So what can you expect for the Year of the Horse? 

The coming of the Year of the Horse predicts much good fortune. It will be a year where your romance and your career will reach a point of harmony and peaceful coexistence, something many of us are happy to learn! The Year of the Horse encourages us to reach out and take advantage of the opportunities that are given to us, instead of letting fear, self-doubt, or lack of motivation get in the way. 

And what about those born during the Year of the Horse? 

If you were born in 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002 then your zodiac animal is the horse and this year is your year! So what does this mean for you? 

Foretelling of the Year of the Horse predicts that as a whole, your luck and fortune will fluctuate, don't let knowledge of this upset you- but rather, use it to approach the year with caution, care, and above all, strength. When coming face to face with stressors or challenges, seek help from others and search within yourself to find your strength and motivation. 

 As a Horse, you tend to engage in a little self doubt, often seeking approval or confirmation from others before moving ahead with a project or decision- but let this year be the year you become more confident in your choices. 

2014 is a special year because it is not only the Year of the Horse, but specifically, the Year of the Wood Horse. This is important because in Chinese astrology the "element" of wood increases the philosophy of the sign, deepening and strengthening the positive traits associated with the Horse, including action, optimism, and high energy. 

The Wood Horse is also greatly linked with nature and peace, making the usually restless Horse more calm and stable, increasing your ability as a partner, in the romantic as well as professional sense. 

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