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What's Your Chinese Zodiac Animal Sign? (Part Two)

One of the most important aspects of the Chinese New Year is it’s representation of each year through a different animal, twelve to be exact. Originally, the animal signs were designed as a counting system to follow the lunar calendar. But it was during the Han Dynasty, where a significant relationship between the animals signs and people developed. It is believed that the animal that was being represented during the year of your birth can predict your strengths, weaknesses, and even different parts of your fortune. 
So what’s your animal sign and what does it say about you?

4. The Rabbit
Your sign is the rabbit if you were born in the years:

Your strengths:
According to Chinese tradition, the rabbit has long stood for a sign of hope. It is a compassionate, tender, gentle, and sensitive creature- loved by many. People born during the Year of the Rabbit are good at communicating with others in a clever, likable, and humorous way. The soft-spoken and hospitable rabbit makes for a good friend and listener. Easily bored, the rabbit likes to create an interesting and romantic life for itself, being very talented at spicing up dull situations. The rabbit works at a fast pace and if very efficient, but rarely argues or gets angry. 

Your weaknesses:
The rabbit can be impulsive at times, putting money into projects and ideas without thinking it all the way through, which may cause some road blocks in the workforce. It is sometimes easy for the rabbit to lose touch with reality because of their love of romance and tendency to daydream. 

What the Rabbit Can Expect for 2014:
This year will be a year of ups and downs for the rabbit. There will be a lot of good things as well as some bad. The workplace will bring some of each. It is advised for rabbits to try to have good relationships with colleagues, as this will make their job less stressful. When problems are encountered at work, the rabbit should look to family for support. Although the rabbit won’t experience a large increase in their wealth this year, their health and love life is expected to be positive. 

5. The Dragon
Your sign is the dragon if you were born in the years:

Your strengths:
The dragon is one of my favorite signs under the Chinese Zodiac, and I am not alone! The dragon has always enjoyed a high reputation and deep appreciation by the Chinese culture and people. The dragon represents the highest authority, honor, and success. In ancient history, Emperors were referred to as “dragons”, thought to possess divine power, and the thrown they sat upon was known as the “dragon thrown”. Those born under the sign of the dragon are considered great leaders and will achieve much success in life, especially due to their drive for perfection. They are not turned off by challenges and independent thinkers. Those born under the sign of the dragon are both energetic and excitable, making them fun to be around.

Your Weaknesses:
While their success and achievements are good qualities, it can sometimes make dragons seem arrogant or over confident. Dragons are impatient creatures and sometimes struggle to control their emotions, whether it is anger or joy. People whose sign is the dragon often struggle with opening up to others or trusting, which can often be a setback in their love life. 

What the Dragon Can Expect this 2014:
Those born during the Year of the Dragon can expect to have a smooth 2014. Work will flourish this year, as dragons can expect a promotion of some kind. When approaching this year, dragons are advised to be wise and think things through when it comes to work-related decisions and avoid being impulsive. Work will use up much of the dragon’s energy, so make sure to pay attention to health this year and exercise regularly. 

6. The Snake
Your sign is the snake if you were born in the years:

Your strengths:
Within Chinese culture, snakes symbolize mystery, delight, and wealth. Those who are represented by the snake have a good temper and generally remain calm under stressful situations. Despite their cool nature, underneath their calm demeanor, snakes are very passionate and often inspire others through their articulate nature. Due to snake’s unrelenting empathy and sympathy, they make for very good friends.

Your Weaknesses:
Snakes can sometimes be jealous creatures. It is difficult for them to fully trust others and can often become suspicious of others’ intentions. Due to this, they would rather rely only on themselves and don’t like to be dependent on anyone else, which can sometimes hurt their relationships. 

What the Snake Can Expect this 2014:
This year will bring much good fortune for the snake, a relief after their hardships last year. Their fortune will be the most promising towards the beginning of the year, so snakes are encouraged to pursue opportunities right away instead of waiting. This year also brings good fortune in the workplace, with coworkers and income. Investments made by businessmen will pay off within the next several months, bringing much financial satisfaction to the snake. 2014 will also be a wonderful year for love and romance! Single snakes have a good chance of finding love this year. The only area where snakes should be worried is with health. People represented by the snake do not have the best immune systems, and should make sure to see a doctor as soon as any signs of illness or trouble arise. 

7. The Sheep (Also Referred to as the Goat or Ram)
Your sign is a sheep if you were born in the years:

Your strengths:
The sheep has traditionally been associated with gentleness and kindness. Due to its white color, the sheep is linked with purity and the meaning of good things. Those born under the sign of the sheep are tender, caring, and kind-hearted people. They are very compassionate and take excellent care of others. Sheep tend to enjoy a quiet, low-key life and have a special appreciation for the arts. 

Your weaknesses:
The sheep’s quiet and gentle nature is a strength but in certain circumstances can be a weakness as well. They are extremely shy creatures, finding it difficult to reach out to others and be outspoken about their beliefs. At times the sheep can be moody and has difficulty making decisions. They have a very hard time being bold and expressing their love, which can create challenges for them in the romantic world.

What the Sheep Can Expect this 2014:

This year will prove to be a good year for the sheep in all dimensions of life. Their career will flourish and the stressors they endure from their growing success will be manageable. They will gain a lot of experience and accumulate some wealth over the next year as well. As for the sheep’s love life, that will flourish as well! Single sheep are expected to find their partner in the upcoming year and couples will have happy and harmonious relationships. Their health will be relatively good this year, but it is advised for the sheep to pay close attention to their negative emotions, as they tend to be oversensitive at times, because these can have a detrimental effect on their health. 

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