Wednesday, January 29, 2014

What's Your Chinese Zodiac Animal Sign? (Part one)

The Chinese Zodiac, also called Sheng Xiao, is a huge component of the Chinese New Year. It is a twelve year cycle that corresponds to the Lunar calendar- and for each different year there is a different animal represented. It is believed that whichever animal sign was being represented during the year of your birth, also represents you as a person- everything from your strengths and weaknesses to your fortune. So what’s your Chinese Zodiac animal sign? 

1. The Rat
Your sign is the rat if you were born in the years:

Your strengths:
People born during the Year of the Rat are typically of high intelligence. Their curiosity and adaptability leads them to achieve a lot of success in life. They are generally personable and quite popular. Their key features associated with the animal include “wit, alertness, flexibility, and spirit.”

Your weaknesses:
With all strengths come certain weaknesses. And the weaknesses associated with lacking in bravery or courage. Their timid nature prevents them from being able to be a leader or taking on a lot of responsibility. Their interests in personal gain and success drives them but also makes them come across as selfish. 
those born during the Year of the Rat include lacking in the ability to command authority and

What does 2014 have in store for the rat?
2014 will be a year of many ups and downs for the rats. They will experience many highs as well as many lows, but it is important that even during the lows rats keep a positive attitude. It is advised for rats to keep a close eye on their health this year, especially regarding intestinal problems. Maintain a healthy diet and make sure to keep up with physical exercise. For any single rats, 2014 is your year for love! For rat couples, make sure to keep calm in conflict and participate in regular communication to maintain a healthy relationship this year.

2. The Ox
Your sign is the ox if you were born in the years:

Your strengths:
Those born during the Year of the Ox are considered honest and patient people. They work slowly and proceed with caution. Their concentration, strong will, and faith makes them not easily affected by what those around them think or do. They are generally quite tenderhearted and good natured people, who follow their beliefs and have strong morals. But above all, the ox values family and tradition. 

Your weaknesses:
The ox is not a good communicator, making them misunderstood and their talents sometimes go undiscovered. They are stubborn and fall back into their old ways instead of being open to change.

What 2014 has in store for the ox:
2014 will not be a year of great fortune for the ox, but do not get discouraged! Though it will not be a year of great successes, it will not be a year of great failures either. Just stay calm and focused and the year should go by smoothly. Those whose sign is the ox should try to get a lot of rest this year and maintain a regular exercise routine. This year, the ox may come across some unkind or overly competitive people at the workplace, but again- stay calm and react wisely in these situations. Although, the ox will not flourish in many ways this upcoming year, it is a good year for the ox to find love and be content with their social life.

3. The Tiger
Your sign is the tiger if you were born in the years:

Your strengths:
Tigers represent bravery and strength. In ancient times, many emperors were compared to tigers, because of their valiance, nobility, and power. Those born during the Year of the Tiger are considered to be well respected people who enjoy a challenge. They are quick, intelligent, and active. Because they speak their mind and are blunt, people find them easy to trust.

Your weaknesses:
The strength and power of a tiger can sometimes come at a cost. Tigers are often short-tempered and can clash with others, especially authority figures. They are very confident in their abilities, almost too confident, which can lead to difficulty cooperating with others.

What 2014 has in store for the tiger:
The beginning of the year will be dull and uneventful for the tiger, but as 2014 progresses, their luck will grow. Tigers will work hard this year, and it will show. This year, tigers can expect some sort of pay raise or promotion. They will be satisfied with their wealth and not accumulate any financial stresses or problems. Singles may find love this year, but overall 2014 may present some romantic road blocks for tigers. If you’re in a romantic relationship, make sure to avoid conflict by keeping communication open. Tigers can sometimes have a wandering eye, so make sure to stay away from that this year. 

To see the rest of the 12 Chinese Zodiac Animals and find which one correlates with your birth year- keep watch for "What's Your Chinese Zodiac Animal Sign: Part 2"!

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